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Thoughts on the protests in ferguson

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Honestly? What the police are/were doing there is disgusting, but I am not surprised. Which is sad, when you think about it, that I have started to treat these kinds of acts as normal. 

Ever since 9/11, our own personal freedoms have been diminishing because people are scared shitless of another attack. And I’m not criticizing people for being scared. I myself watched with my own eyes as 3000 people died on that day, I was scared too, but the thing is, people do strange things out of fear, and I think America has to come to the realization that perhaps we’ve gone too far.

Now, suddenly everyone is the enemy (especially those who happen to be different from us). Things that would have originally been abhorred and cruel are now deemed “necessary” because we have to prevent any possible attacks from happening (sound familiar? “we’ll be eliminating a lot of threats before they even happen”). The thing is, this attitude is spreading and apparently, America thinks that to prevent violence you must answer with violence, except the violence hasn’t even started yet and the people you’re attacking might not have even been planning anything in the first place. Some people fight fire with fire, by why fight if there’s no fire to begin with? Because apparently there might be one, so better make sure there isn’t before a real fire can start. 

But according to the attackers (and in this case, the Ferguson PD), people are automatically suspicious because of the color of their skin, or their religion, or their gender, or whatever the fuck their racist, sexist, disgusting mind can think of. And the worst part is just the complete dehumanization of the protesters by the police. According to the police, this isn’t a group of people peacefully protesting the injustice brought on by the police department, this is a pack of wild animals that need to be controlled. 

America has done so many injustices in its lifetime yet we still insist we’re the Land of the Free. No. You want to know what we are? The Land of the Hypocrites. We’ve committed genocide, we’ve sent innocent people to internment camps, and now we’re attacking peaceful protesters and press and apparently ignoring their constitutional rights. 

We have to learn when we’ve crossed the line and to fix things when we have. I hope to god that America will learn from Ferguson and realize we need change, that we need to be better on protecting people and their own personal freedoms. We need to become the America that we claim we are, because right now we’re pointing a gun to everyone’s head and calling it protection. 

This isn’t freedom. This is fear. And we need to learn the difference. 

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